We are

producers of specialty organic shade-grown coffee

From Santander


The families grow with FORESTAL, our coffee growers live on the land which they cultivate, together with their families. They are the direct beneficiaries of the economic results of the Forestal project, thus every grain of Forestal coffee which is consumed in the world brings prosperity to our people.
Inspired by the original ecosystem of coffee.

Forestal reveres the forests which create the best conditions for the natural development of coffee. We are a small group of coffee roasters and coffee growers, we are Colombian and Santanderans, artisans of coffee. We look for the best grains to transform for them to tell a story through their aromas and their flavours.

The department of Santander is located in the Northeast of the country in the Andean region, it is a pioneer in the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is the home of hard workers and good people. It is also where you can find the canon of Chicamocha which is considered to be one of the biggest attractions of the department and of the country. The department of Santander is acknowledged for being an important producer of sustainable coffee, which is distinguished by its shade-grown coffee.

With 30 years of providing Shade-grown coffee, our forests tell a story of reforestation and life, thanks to these forests we are home to hundreds of endemic and migratory birds in the region, offering ecosystems which are full of opportunities for many species.

We create ecosystems from scratch whilst constantly thinking about the environmental benefits and maintaining the natural balance, boosting natural resources instead of exhausting them. We cultivate 100% Organic Shade-grown coffee from tropical forests using certified organic methods.


Here at Forestal we use natural resources in order to continue to look after our land. It is for the wellbeing of our planet that we decided to implement the use of solar energy during the roasting of coffee and other processes of high energy conspumtion. We do this as part of our commitment to give back to nature a little of what it offers us everyday.


Four of our own projects are 100% harvested by hand with the capacity of viable productions for supply and export from Colombia. We also make alliances with fellow coffee growers in order to promote the development of our region.

Finca Orgánica
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Location: Zapatoca, Santander - Colombia
Ecosystem: Shade-grown coffee
Elevation:1750 m.a.s.l
Certification: Orgánica USDA, JAS, CEE y COL.
Variety: Castillo Tabi
Harvest time: Nov – Jan
Finca Orgánica
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Location: Aratoca, Santander- Colombia
Ecosystem: Shade-grown coffee
Elevation: 1850 m.a.s.l
Certification: Orgánica USDA, JAS, CEE y COL.
Variety: Colombia amarillo, Castillo, Tabi, Geisha, Bourbon rosado
Harvest time: Nov – Jan
Finca Orgánica
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Location: Aratoca, Santander -Colombia​
Ecosystem: Shade-grown coffee
Elevation: 1900 m.a.s.l
Certification: Orgánica USD, JAS, CEE y COL
Variety: Castillo, Tabi, Laurina ​
Harvest time: Nov - Jan

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Location: Zapatoca, Santander Colombia
Ecosystem: Shade-grown coffee
Elevation: 1750 m.a.s.l
Variety: Geisha, Bourbon rosado​
Harvest time: Dec - Feb​

We have our own roasting and tasting projects, which is why in Forestal we promote our products in our own stores and in other spaces in order to share the best of Colombia’s coffee growers.


For more information (+57) 300 828 3806 Km 2 anillo vial, Finca El Cerro, Floridablanca, Santander - Colombia Teléfono: (+57) 6386363 ext 114 (+57) 310 2464951